Our Dogs

Ambra is home to four gentle and well-behaved Bali dogs. If you cannot accept their presence, then you must not book the villa, because they are part of it. (There is also a cat, but you will never see her).


Alice was about 3 weeks old when she came to us in January 2016, having been rescued from a pile of garbage on the beach. For the first year with us she was an only child, so rather spoiled. If you want to move her from her chair, just be a little wary, particularly if she’s asleep. She might complain, but won’t bite.


Amanda came about a year after Alice, at about the same age. She was extremely nervous, and we assume she must have been abused. It has taken a long time to get her to relax, but she’s 99% there. She has never been known to snap, and is the gentlest thing imaginable. She will often shout at strangers for a few minutes at first, but then settle down.


Lilly is just drop-dead gorgeous. Another rescue, of course, who found her way to us about May 2018. She is a complete softie, both in texture and character.


Gentle Lulu, the fourth and final member of the family. She was rescued in a very poor state and bravely went through a number of treatments, including chemotherapy. As you can see, it’s all turned out well.

Our four dogs really are a lovely gang. If you like dogs, you will love them.