Food & Drink

Villa Ambra is fortunate to have three highly skilled chefs, who provide an eclectic menu selection offering Western, authentic Indonesian, and other Asian cuisine.  Their Thai food is particularly awesome.  On the other hand, if you just want a burger, they’ll make it themselves from a piece of steak, they’ll make the sesame bun, and they’ll make triple-cooked hand-cut fries à la Heston Blumenthal.  The choice is yours!

We want you to feel as comfortable in our villa as you would if it were your own.

That means you choose what food, soft drinks, beers, wines and spirits you want to enjoy; you set a budget, and you give your butler the money to cover your shopping. Your butler arranges your purchases from local markets, wholesalers, and delicatessens, etc. There is a 15% handling fee for any shopping we do on your behalf.

If its available in Bali, Villa Ambra can source it – from caviar and foie gras to Canadian or European live lobsters to great Australian waggyu and fine wines from all over the world.  Its your choice!

However, the culinary experience is not limited to the suggested menus. You are actively encouraged to spend time with the Villa Manager and chefs and develop a menu which reflects your own particular tastes. There is no premium or surcharge for the preparation of your meals. Please be aware that government regulations mean that villas may not directly sell food and drink. So if you would like to have a meal and a few drinks on the day of your arrival, it is essential that you ask us to buy in whatever you want before you arrive.