From our Visitors’ Book

“Villa Ambra was a DREAM COME TRUE to stay at. The staff here are spectacular! They were all so friendly and helpful. They always met our highest expectations, no matter what. From bike-riding and kite-flying to horseriding and beach BBQ dinners, the staff were continuously amazing!

ALL the rooms are beautiful, every one having a view of Villa Ambra and beyond. The baby pool was perfect for Harry, an 11 month old baby. The big pool was just great. The temperature was just right. VERY refreshing after a hot day. I like the fact Villa Ambra is beach-front. Kite-flying, beach walks and surfing were just RIGHT THERE. Our driver was constantly ready to take us anywhere in Bali.

The food here is INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS! The cooks are absolutely AMAZING. Every breakfast, dinner, and lunch was incredibly unique and very tasty. Overall, Villa Ambra was and is the nicest place we have all stayed in our life.

Thank you SO much Villa Ambra staff for making our stay so relaxing and enjoyable!”

29th November 2013