‘Most amazing accommodation’ in Bali – Review: TripAdvisor

Read this TripAdvisor review left by our guest, Ned R, who thinks Villa Ambra is the most amazing accommodation in Bali (and the world!):

I was lucky enough to be introduced to the Villa Ambra through friends that had organised their wedding in the estate. For someone like myself that does not like anything out of the ordinary as far as my holidays go, I would normally stick to what I know. Before leaving my home town Melbourne Australia I was not having good thoughts about traveling to Bali, and it have never really interested me to spend my money in such a location.

If I had to sum up Villa Ambra into one sentence it would be…Villa Ambra is the most amazing accommodation I have ever seen, or been lucky enough to stay at.

From the first walk in through the front gate it took a while to sink in that this is the actual place I will be staying! Walking from room to room inspecting the whole villa was absolutely jaw dropping, the villa had been made so perfectly well, the fittings and furnishings are immaculate, and in my opinion Villa Ambra is far superior and so perfectly well looked after in comparison to other villas in the same complex. Villa Ambra’s garden is so perfectly manicured with staff constantly attending to its every need. Day beds on the property are endless and you keep finding them as you walk around the property, even a day bed built into the fence facing the water. The staff are so meticulous with the property- every night the daybed cushions are packed away and the daybeds are covered, in the morning before you wake they are ready for you to relax by the pool. Every day during your beautiful fresh seafood lunch the staff will clean up around the pool and put down fresh towels. Again, I could not get over the perfection put into the garden, it rivals that of the most perfect golf course.

All shopping required for food, drinks and anything else we required was organised for us and picked up. The menu in the Villa was spectacular and the chefs did not miss a beat. Anything that you could want was available on their menu chicken, steak, fresh seafood, club sandwiches, various rices etc.

Putu who heads the management of Villa Ambra is doing an outstanding job in maintaining the property and keeping it in a first class, second to non quality. He coordinates all the staff & it is very well organised and makes sure you get the best from all staff to ensure you enjoy your stay to the most. His knowledge of the Bali area and what is required to run a property like this is fantastic. Any question you may have Putu is the man to contact during your stay.

To sum up this is the place you want to get yourself to if you wish to be treated like an absolute king! You’re waited on hand and foot, anything you may need from yoga to a beer will be organised for you in minutes. I have never felt more relaxed than I did during my stay at Villa Ambra…. ten star and cant wait to go back.

We try our best to make our guests’ stay at Villa Ambra truly unforgettable, and reading reviews like this makes us feel like we succeed in providing the most amazing accommodation in Bali.

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